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F r e i g h t  S e r v i c e s  P a k i s t a n

Our Clients :

We know you need our greatest concern at all times.

Our Credentials include:
Diplomatic Corps. Diplomatic Consolers Diplomatic Trade Offices Honorary Consulates United Nations Offices International Organizations Nonresident Missions Public Sector Private Business Sector World Wide Freight Services Providers for Destination Services Oil & Gas Related Companies

Our destination services include as under:

  • Normal custom formalities on used household goods
  • Transport of the shipments from port or airport to customer's residence
  • Return of empty containers to port
  • Storage for air shipments or shipments loaded into lift vans and containers
  • Unloading of the household goods at customer's residence
  • Unpacking of the goods
  • Reassembling of furniture
  • Removal of debris after delivery
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