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Thank you for the opportunity to give you a free instant estimate suitable and convenient for you based on your own survey of your belongings. Please provide us with the necessary information below to help us to estimate your move. 
Handling ----- Only Labor for handling.
Moving ---- Only Rental of L.C.V. 
Handling & Movement ----- Involves packing in cartons only and no furniture are packed. This involves manpower for handling and Transportation by open vehicles. It is not guaranteed move, as there could be scratches/damages to the furniture 
Complete Move ----- Involves complete packing including wardrobe cartons for clothes. Any damage/loss is guaranteed. This move needs 2 to 3 days to complete
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There is always a feeling of "JUST MOVING FEW MILES". You may not like to get the complete packing done and still wish to have absolutely scratch free move. 
Saleemsons know that just because your moving, it shouldn't mean you can't find your clothes for the next month! 

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