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Dear Visitor,

On behalf of Saleemsons Freight Services, we have the pleasure in presenting ourselves as the pioneers and leading Freight Forwarding Agent in Pakistan with half a century of rich experience in international relocations of household goods and project Cargo.

The Service level, expertise, in-depth knowledge and a reputation businesses can trust, which is why We are the preferred choice of Diplomatic Missions, UN Agencies, NGOs, Multinationals, Oil Exploration, Drilling Companies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, International Trading Houses etc. 

Pakistan is the gateway to reconstruction and rehabilitation of Afghanistan due to its geographical proximity, social and cultural bonds and trade ties. We serves as your major logistic partner in emerging needs of import container traffic into Afghanistan via Pakistan, which is called Afghanistan Transit Trade (ATT).

We have our head office in Islamabad and Corporate Offices in Karachi, which are ideally located near the port area with easy access to the Karachi Port Trust and the newly built Karachi- International container terminal limited (KICT), which is a modern terminal, ready to serve the sea trade of Pakistan.

If you require further information regarding the rates or if you have any other queries, please feel free to contact us through E-mail, Phone and Fax. We offer 24 hours a day On Line Services

With Best Regards,

Sincerely yours,

Tariq Saleem Ullah,

Managing Director & CEO.

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