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  • Worldwide Moving and Relocation Services for household goods, vehicles, machinery etc.
  • Multi Modal Logistic operations to facilitate in the.Rebuilding-And Rehabilitation of Afghanistan.
  • Clearance and Handling of Afghan Transit Trade (ATT) & Relief /Aid Cargo.
  • Specialists in Project Cargo handling for, Multinationals,Oil Exploration, Drilling and major Construction Companies.
  • Leading Customs Clearing Agents, negotiating difficult consignments and dealing with the procedures of documentation facilitating permission, NOCs.
  • Supplier of construction and infrastructure building materials, heavy equipment, earth moving machinery etc.
  • Provision of all types of Warehousing facilities.
  • Air Charter & Air Freight Services for all major cities in Afghanistan.
  • Approved Agents of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.
  • Supplier of Duty Free Goods and consumable items for diplomatic missions and privileged personnel.
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